My Top 6 Gurus On YouTube

Calvin Hill-The Simple Driver

I’ve been following and learning from Calvin for over 2 years. He has extensive knowledge in web marketing and in the entrepreneurial industry. He is inspirational, knowledgeable, and super informative. I actually had the pleasure of talking with him on the phone a little while back, and he”s just an all around great guy! He will get you going in the right direction.

Miles Beckler-Milesbeckler.com

This guy is no joke. He’s been in the web marketing and affiliate business for over 15 years. He knows his shit, and its all given away for free. He is truly out to help everyone. I think Miles Beckler is Phenomenal. Follow him on Youtube, you’ll be inspired and awed at the amount of knowledge from the 100’s of videos he’s made.

Sunny Lenarduzzi-YouTube for Bosses

She’s not just just beautiful, but Super intelligent. I would call her the queen of YouTube. Check her out, again, she knows her stuff. She’ll teach you ALL of the ins and outs of Youtube. She is Sensational!

Darrel Wilson-Darrelwilson.com

Darrel Wilson is one of the most informative instructors as far as WordPress and web design go. He knows it all. If you’re just starting out or have been in the game for years, there’s always something more you’ll learn from this man.

Luke Durand-Ranking Academy

Luke Durand is known for Ranking Academy. He is a wizard at teaching information on increasing website traffic and SEO. Luke teaches all the secrets and tips on how to rank number 1 for Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is incredible at increasing SEO, powerful link building, affiliate and digital marketing, keyword search and marketing content. He’s an incredible speaker and marketing guru. You should definitely look him up and follow him. You will surely benefit from his knowledge.